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We remember.

These stories were written by families impacted by addiction to honor those we’ve lost to drug overdose. The 185aDay campaign seeks to raise awareness about substance use disorder and help connect those who are struggling with treatment resources.

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Nathan Kuykendall

By Brooke, Nate's sister-in-law

  Nathan will always be known for his contagious smile and laugh. Nathan loved to fish and be outdoors. While he was in rehab before his sudden passing, he enjoyed drawing. One of my favorite memories of him was him meeting his nephew for the first time in the hospital. That was the first time I actually witnessed pure love from him to another. I loved watching him play with his nieces and ...
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Clay Suggs

By Michele, Clay's mother

  “I need help, mom. I can’t pay my mortgage.” That was how the conversation started that forever and dramatically changed our family’s lives.  It was early 2012. My son – my smart, handsome, athletic, successful, loving son, Clay, broke down and confessed that he was addicted to pain pills. Our 6-year struggle that ended in the most unfathomable tragedy had just begun. 
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Lucas A. Crawford

By Phyllis, Lucas' mother

Always a smile an encouraging word! A great friend! An incredibly talented young man who played four instruments, beautiful wood worker, and could listen without any judgement!
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Raymond Bauer

By Dawn, Raymond's mom

Ray had a zest for life, music and sports were his passion. He DJ'd at a lot of the clubs and met a few famous artists as well as working at Citizens Bank Park meeting a lot of sports players. He loved Rocky, one reason he loved living in Philadelphia. He had a big heart, loved children and was there for support to his friends.
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Lyndsey Koch

By Connie, Lyndsey's mom

  I write in loving memory of my beloved firstborn daughter, Lyndsey Koch (21 years old). I share my family’s story to help raise awareness and prevention of substance misuse. My precious daughter died May 6, 2019, of a tragic and horrific overdose. Lyndsey was a young, beautiful, funny, talented, bright and very LOVED young mom. She grew up surrounded by family, extended family and friends who ...
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